Panthers' Michael Oher turns himself in after being charged with assaulting Uber driver

Carolina Panthers tackle Michael Oher turned himself in to police in Nashville, Tennessee on Tuesday, where he is facing a charge of misdemeanor assault.

According to a police report, Oher and four friends were riding in an Uber on April 14, headed to dinner in downtown Nashville.

Michael Oher is facing charges in an alleged incident with an Uber driver. (AP)

Oher had asked the driver to follow another car that left the same home his party had left from, but at some point, the driver of Oher’s car suggested he should take the lead, asserting that the other driver didn’t seem to know where he was going.

Oher, the report said, thought this was a ploy to get more fare money and began to argue with the driver.

During the ride, two of Oher’s friends had to use the restroom, and while the car was pulled over at a Mapco gas station, Oher got out of the car to speak with the driver.

The police report said the driver raised his hands toward Oher’s face, and Oher responded by pushing the man to the ground and kicking his leg. Oher’s friends then jumped out of the car to hold him back.