Paradise plans for slight arena upgrades

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Paradise is joining other metro communities striving to make the province more electric-car friendly by adding two new electric charging stations.

“Newfoundland Power has recently issued a call for applications for hosts for two electric vehicle charging stations,” said councillor Deborah Quilty during the December 15 council meeting, the last of meeting of 2020.

“Newfoundland Power will install and maintain two charging stations in areas that meet certain criteria’s, specifically that they need to be on a major route, there needs to be adequate space, and the site is no further than 150 metres from a three phase distribution line.”

After considering options, Town staff selected the Town Hall parking lot.

“The Town would need to sign a land-lease agreement with Newfoundland Power and have a minimum $5 million commercial general liability insurance, which the Town does maintain,” explained Quilty.

The town would also need to maintain the property itself by providing snow clearing and asphalt painting.

Other than the upkeep, there is no additional cost for the stations, said Quilty.

Council ratified the motion, which had been approved unanimously through an e-poll on December 4.

Mark Squibb, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Shoreline News