Paradise to purchase three new garbage trucks

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The Town of Paradise will be purchasing three new automated garbage trucks.

The Public Works department had budgeted for the three automatic trucks in Budget 2021.

The Town had requested tenders for the trucks, but by the time the tender closed, only one bid had been submitted.

The bid, from Saunder’s Equipment Ltd, tallied the trucks at $1.2 million, HST included.

“At the most recent Infrastructure and Public Works committee meeting, held on January 21, it was recommended to award the tender to Saunders Equipment Ltd. for the three automated waste collection truck as per the bid price submitted,” said councillor Alan English.

The motion was approved unanimously, although councillor Patrick Martin noted it was unfortunate that only one quote came in.

CAO Lisa Niblock did note that even though council only received one bid, it was less than what the Town had budgeted.

Councillor English added that a number of potential bidders were contacted, but that only bid was submitted. He anticipated the first truck will arrive in February of 2022.

Niblock said as far she understood, some potential bidders were not bidding because plants are backlogged due to COVID and therefore not taking on new projects.

Councillor Martin then asked what would happen to the old equipment, and Mayor Dan Bobbett confirmed that it will be auctioned off as per the usual practise.

Mark Squibb, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Shoreline News