Paramedic Memorial Bell makes a stop in Temagami

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TEMAGAMI – The Paramedic Memorial Bell made a stop in Temagami recently.

Temagami Mayor Dan O’Mara told The Speaker in an email that paramedics from the North Bay base brought the Memorial Bell to the town last week so that “the crew here could get to host it and give recognition to those who died on the job.”

The travelling bell honours Canadian paramedics who lost their lives in the line of duty.

O’Mara, who took part in the ceremony during its stop in Temagami, explained that Paramedic Services in the Temagami area “is our lifeline to emergency care as our closest hospital is close to an hour away, depending where you are located.”

He also added that the local base provides services to Bear Island, along with all of the lake areas around Temagami.

“We do appreciate the efforts put forth,” he said.

“Having the bell visit the Temagami area gave us the opportunity to see the names of those who have lost their lives providing us these type of emergency services and to pay some respect to them.”

Jamie Mountain, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Temiskaming Speaker