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Parents and 11-year-old son demonstrate their healthy communication skills in inspiring TikTok

This little boy and his parents put their impressively healthy communication skills on display during a recent argument about parents who tell their kids, “Because I said so.”

Samantha Sophia (@raisingself) is a mom-of-three who shares videos of her husband and kids, including her precocious 11-year-old son, Nathan. Nathan loves having friendly debates with his parents, and has impressive communication skills for an 11-year-old. In a recent video, the family’s healthy communication skills were put on full display when Nathan began to question his parents about why some parents refuse to answer their children’s questions.

The video begins mid-conversation with Nathan standing in front of the television, addressing his parents. “Asking questions to a parent figure shouldn’t be a sign of disrespect,” the smart 11-year-old tells his parents.

“We completely agree with you,” Samantha responds.

“I think it’s because they don’t know how to actually explain it to them,” Nathan continues.

“Sometimes,” Nathan’s dad replies. “Or, the things that they want to know shouldn’t be explained to them.”

“But it shouldn’t just be, ‘Because I said so,’” Nathan argues.

“Did you not see that episode of Bluey?” Nathan’s dad asks, referencing an episode of the hit kids’ series in which this topic came up. “Why do parents say, ‘Because I said so?’”

“Because they don’t have the time to explain,” Nathan responds.

“They’re tired, they’re frustrated, there’s other stuff going on,” Nathan’s dad explains.

“But here’s the thing,” Nathan says, objecting to his dad. “I feel like they should say, “I’ll explain it later.’ But I also think, even if they say that, it feels like they won’t explain it later because there’s always something more important.”

“Oooh,” Nathan’s dad replies, momentarily stumped by his son’s argument.

“There’s always something more important than explaining something to your child,” Samantha clarifies as the video ends.

Viewers were blown away by Nathan’s impressive communication skills!

“If I had a kid like that, I would always take the time to explain. His emotional intelligence is next level,” one viewer wrote.

“As a child development specialist, he’s so emotionally adept. You guys are doing a great job!” commented another viewer.

“So when is his Ted Talk?” joked another TikToker.

Maybe Nathan should join his school’s debate team!

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