Parents outraged after video of baby girl frightened by the Easter Bunny goes viral

A random bunny. (Photo: Getty Images)

The reaction caught on video via Snapchat of a terrified little girl who encountered the Easter Bunny at her daycare went viral around the world. But the 2-year-old’s family is not happy with the daycare administration for exposing the child’s terror to the world, Orlando, Fla.’s News 6 reports.

The video, which the family is now permitting to be displayed, shows little Surai terrorized after a giant Easter Bunny walks through the door of her classroom. The Snapchat caption reads, “I am crying.” The recording was done by one of the daycare employees.

Mary Bryson-Robinson, the child’s grandmother, said when she picked up Surai from Around the World Learning Center in Kissimmee, Fla., on March 29, the employees mentioned that little Surai was scared of the Easter Bunny but did not elaborate more on the statement.

It was later that weekend when the family saw the video on social media, but it already had gotten millions of views and was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“I’m looking at just pure horror in her face and I’m wondering, How could that be on the internet for anything good?” said Bryson-Robinson.

People have even edited the video to include President Trump as if he were the one terrorizing the little girl.

The family said the girl’s mother had signed a form specifically prohibiting workers at the daycare center from taking videos or sharing any photos or video of her child.

“My granddaughter looked petrified. Her face changed. It was not the same child that I dropped off that day or the child that I know,” Bryson-Robinson said. “For a bunny of that size to appear, I’m sure it scared the daylights out of her.”

The family is also concerned about the amount of racially charged comments the video has gotten.

“People use it as a racial thing. How people can, you know, ‘Black people are “that” way.’ For a 2-year-old, it is just agony to go through,” Bryson-Robinson said.

The daycare owner told News 6 the incident was under internal investigation. Now the business’s Facebook page is blowing up with negative comments and one-star reviews.

“Disgusting. To post the video, and no one even attempted to comfort that little girl. This place is the worst,” wrote a reviewer.

“I hope the employee that filmed and posted the video was terminated,” wrote another reviewer. “Since mom signed a disclosure that she didn’t want her child photographed, you are lucky if you don’t get sued.”

“My kid is also scared of big bunnies,” wrote an upset mom, “so I fully understand the feeling of the child and mom. That was a wrong decision to send in the big bunny. Wrong decision to just watch and laugh at the poor child scream in terror. And most of all, it was so wrong to post it out for the whole world to see. Just wrong.”


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