Parking in Banff could soon cost you

The Town of Banff is asking residents what they think about the possible introduction of paid parking to reduce congestion in the mountain community. 

Visitors and residents could be asked to pay $3 per hour for certain spaces during peak times. Also on the table is a residential parking pass, proposed at $50 per year.

Mayor Karen Sorensen says she wouldn't consider it double-dipping if visitors pay to enter the national park and then potentially have to pay for parking.

"I think a lot of people presume because we're a municipality in a national park, as is Jasper, that somehow we get special or more federal funding than another municipality might — absolutely not true," she said.

"And all of the money collected at Banff National Park gate goes to the federal government to reinvest into Banff National Park."

Alanna Pettigrew with Banff Residents Against Paid Parking thinks a bolder approach is needed.

"It's time to say Banff is full. And that would probably alleviate a lot of the congestion," she said.

The town will continue to collect feedback over the coming months.