Parking tickets to be issue din BV

Eganville – Parking tickets are going to be issued in Bonnechere Valley, especially to “repeat offenders” mostly in the village itself.

“One street continues to be problematic,” By-Law Enforcement Officer Darryl Wagner told council last Tuesday afternoon. “I frequent it often.”

He said although he has been giving some warnings, it is the time to issue tickets.

“There were a total of eight infractions issued in 2022 and six to date in 2023,” he said.

It isn’t only in the village, where there are strict parking restrictions, but other parts of the township as well.

“Concerns at Lake Clear have been brought to my attention,” he told council. “People ice fishing are parking in No Parking Zones.”

At Lake Clear it is usually a weekend issue, he added. The No Parking signs are quite visible there, so parking tickets will be issued.

Mr. Wagner told council the $30 ticket can be reduced to $20 if paid within seven days. After that it is $30. However, after 21 days of no payment a letter of impending conviction will be sent to the plate registrant. If there is no payment after the notice is sent a conviction for plate refusal will be forwarded to the Provincial Offences Court in Pembroke.

As well, Mr. Wagner said a vehicle which has been issued a third parking ticket will be towed.

Mr. Wagner told the Leader he did not want to single out the street which is especially problematic, but wants those who habitually park their vehicle on the street to know they will be ticketed and if necessary towed.

Debbi Christinck, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Eganville Leader