Parkland survivors show how they stick together despite opposing gun control views

Kylie Mar
Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, survivors of the Parkland mass shooting sat down with Trevor Noah to have an honest conversation about how they manage to respectfully engage in conversations about gun control, despite opposing views, on campus.

“Most of us, we respect each other’s opinions because we all went through this horrific event together. We all know we’re all feeling pain. Maybe not even the same pain. Some people lost multiple people they love,” said Thomas Holgate. He continued, “We don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings further than they’ve already been hurt because of the events that have happened.” Noah then asked the students what they think about some of the proposals and solutions that have come forward about gun control. So, to illustrate their civility, each of the students at the table opened up about their different views.

Josh Belenke explained that he believes teachers should be armed, because he thinks it would act as a deterrent. “I think if a teacher is trained, and they have a background and history with it, they should be able to bring a gun if they want to.” While Kai Koerber honestly disagreed, sharing that teachers having guns would not make him feel better. “I don’t want to seem like that guy, but me being a minority in the south and having a teacher have a gun, regardless of color, does not make me feel comfortable.”

However, Carly Novell pointed out that, at the end of the day, the students are supportive of one another because they are just trying to get through this tragic event. “I think they forget that we’re still in pain,” said Novell. “Some of us aren’t ready to just go back right into our lives, and to school, and, like, we go to school and there’s still media there every day. There are people standing outside taking pictures like it’s the Las Vegas sign, and it’s still new for us. It’s only been a month and a half and we’re still in pain.”

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