Parliamentary committee retains mobilization deferment for graduate students

Verkhovna Rada
Verkhovna Rada

While reviewing amendments to the government’s mobilization reform bill, Ukraine’s parliamentary Defense Committee has decided to keep mobilization deferment for graduate students, Ukrainian MP and sitting committee member Iryna Friz said in a Facebook post on March 22.

The committee reached the decision during a meeting on the same day, where it continued working through over 4,000 previously submitted amendments to the bill.

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“We have examined roughly 2,105 amendments out of more than 4000, so it's about half-way done,” said another MP, Oleksiy Honcharenko.

On Jan. 30, the government submitted the revised mobilization bill to parliament. It proposed lowering the draft age to 25 years, setting the demobilization term to 36 months, introducing voluntary mobilization for convicts, and establishing an electronic notification system for issuing draft notices.

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On Feb. 7, the parliament supported the bill in first reading.

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