Parole board gives Regina man considered high-risk to reoffend more special conditions

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A sex offender released in Saskatchewan last month now has several more special conditions to follow because his original conditions did not sufficiently protect the community, says a decision from the Parole Board Canada (PBC).

Kelly Furi, 46, was released from prison last month under a 10-year long term supervision order. He was sent to live in a community correctional centre in Regina's Heritage area, where he'll be monitored for one year.

Prior to his release on Jan. 5, the PBC issued special conditions Furi must abide by: he cannot have contact with his victims or their family members, he cannot be in the company of sex trade workers, he must report all relationships and friendships with females to his parole supervisor, and he must follow a treatment plan for family violence, anger and sexual violence.

A Feb. 1 decision obtained by CBC News says that original set of conditions was insufficient to protect the community.

Last week the PBC added more special conditions: Furi's mobile device is subject to review at his parole supervisor's request, he cannot use or own any device that allows unsupervised internet access unless pre-approved by the parole supervisor, he cannot buy or access any pornographic or "sexually explicit" material, he cannot attend massage parlours or spas, and he can only check-in to a motel or hotel if pre-approved by the parole supervisor.

"[Furi's] targeted victims were sex workers, and the Board notes that the sex trade industry has become more prominent through the Internet and social media, and the police service indicates that sexual acts can be easily solicited through spas or massage parlours," the decision says.

"For these reasons, [Furi's] parole supervisor is recommending the implementation of further special conditions to manage [his] risk in the community."

Furi has a history of violence — sexual or otherwise — according to the PBC decision. He recently finished serving a 15-year sentence for two counts of sexual assault causing bodily harm and one count each of aggravated sexual assault and forcible confinement.

The offences were committed between 2000 and 2003 against three young women — including a 16-year-old — who did not know Furi. The victims suffered physical and psychological harm, the decision says, adding that Furi stabbed one of the women with a knife several times after beating and sexually assaulting her.

In 2016, Furi's statutory release — a type of conditional release where federal offenders who have served two-thirds of a fixed-length sentence serve the rest of their sentence in the community — was revoked after he was found in possession of "an itemized list of escort agencies and hotels as well as other information" that led the PBC to believe Furi's risk in the community was no longer manageable, the decision says.

"There were no significant gains or changes from [Furi's] return to incarceration until the time of the decision to impose conditions on [his long term supervision order]," the decision says.

"[He] remained assessed as a moderate-high risk for sexual recidivism, and reports indicated that [Furi] lacked insight into [his] sexual offending behaviours."


The conditions will remain in effect until the long term supervision order expires.

The Regina Police Service issued an advisory on Feb. 5 to update the public about Furi's added conditions, but warned the public he is still a high-risk of re-offending sexually or violently.

Furi is described as 5'11" and nearly 230 lbs. He has brown eyes and short grey and brown hair. Furi has a moustache and beard that are mostly grey, police say.

Anyone with questions or concerns is asked to call the Regina Police Service at 306-777-6500. Anyone looking to report an incident where Furi violated his conditions should call Regina police, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

The RPS stresses that the information provided is for public safety — not vigilantism or "other unreasonable conduct" against Furi.