Learned Parrot Gives Hilarious Recital Of Dr.Seuss

Parrots can be loud or quiet, boisterous or reserved, problem-solvers or laid-back. Sound contradictory? That’s because parrots are individuals with individual personalities. Some generalities among species are recognized, but keep in mind that any bird can be the exception to a generalization. Max, the parrot in this video, is exactly that - an exception to the rule! There are tons of videos with parrots imitating owners’ speech, parrots swearing, parrots singing, but this is one of the rarest videos with a parrot that has actually learned to recite a book. Namely, Max recites his own version of the classic Dr. Seuss book “I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words” and he is incredibly impressive. This is just a small part of the recital and it goes as follows: “I’ll teach my dog 100 the first six words, I’ll teach my pup are dig a hole and fill it up. I’ll teach him walk and then catch a ball now that makes ten and then she’ll say ‘that’s great, can you teach him more?’ “ Max can recite all day long. It is his favorite thing to do and it is all he ever does without becoming bored and without a change of heart. He feels perfectly satisfied with what he has achieved and we can only salute him for this ability. At least, he doesn’t spend his days idling around the cage, sharpening his beak and flapping his wings infinitely. Max is such a learned parrot! No wonder he ends up one day at a reciting competition for parrots. No doubt, he would win the first place! We only wish the prize to be more Dr.Seuss books from where he can make interesting reading versions.