Partly blind P.E.I. runner pleased with marathon result

A Stratford, P.E.I., runner who is visually impaired said the Boston Marathon was a lot harder than he expected, but after spending four years working to qualify, it was "pretty sweet" to cross the finish line.

Todd MacAusland was among a dozen Island residents to take part in the annual marathon Monday and apart from being a little tired and suffering from sore feet, he told Compass host Bruce Rainnie he was recovering well.

But he did admit it was a hard race.

"It is tough. It was a lot more tougher than I could have ever imagined it would have been," he said. "It was a lot hotter yesterday than we anticipated, especially with some of the temperatures we have back home that we trained in. The heat really took us by surprise."

As a visually impaired runner, MacAusland runs with a partner, Rosie Banks.

"We use a couple of different forms. If the terrain is not too bad, and it's an area we're familiar with, most of the time it's just verbal," MacAusland said. "Because we were running with over 30,000 other runners with us, we tethered for most of the time, it's just basically a piece of rope or string between us that we can use to communicate that way."

MacAusland started getting serious about running five years ago, and said he felt ready to take on a big race like the Boston Marathon.

"It was more of a form of therapy for me when I started running," he said. "Because of the visually impaired field, I would never ever have made the time requirements if I was a regular 46-year-old runner." 

He completed the race in five hours, 55 minutes, and 19 seconds.

"It was definitely my longest marathon to date," he said. "But it was pretty sweet to see the finish line. It was a tough battle but we made it through."

MacAusland said he'd definitely try to run another Boston Marathon in the future, but not next year.

He said it was time to take a break after spending the past four years trying to qualify.

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