Passengers' lost suitcases were found dumped in the trash at an international airport, report says

Unclaimed luggage piles up at London Heathrow Airport on July 8, 2022.
Unclaimed luggage piles up at London Heathrow Airport on July 8, 2022.Paul Ellis/AFP via Getty Images
  • Lost luggage has been put in the trash at an Irish airport, UTV reported.

  • Some of the suitcases had been opened, photos shared with UTV appear to show.

  • A baggage handler said the company removed some bags as they contained perishable items.

Missing luggage belonging to air passengers has ended up in the dump at an Irish airport, UTV first reported.

A whistleblower, who requested to remain anonymous, shared photos with UTV, which showed a handful of suitcases placed in and around a large trash can for disposal outside a warehouse full of lost bags at Dublin Airport in Ireland.

UTV reported the photos were taken a few days ago in an area used by Sky Handling, a baggage-handling company.

It appears that some of the luggage had been opened, according to UTV.

UTV reported that it showed the photos to Sky Handling, which said the company threw the baggage away for health and safety reasons.

"We can confirm that a small number of bags were being disposed of because they posed a health and safety risk to staff and a risk of contamination for other bags in their vicinity," a Sky Handling spokesperson told Insider. "The bags in question contained foodstuffs and other perishable items against notified custom regulations. These items were clearly going off and were at risk of attracting vermin."

The spokesperson said the bags were set aside by airport customs, not Sky Handling, and were taken by mistake to the company's facility where it "had to deal with them accordingly."

The company has allowed passengers to come to the warehouse at Dublin Airport to see if their luggage is there, per UTV.

Dublin Airport told Insider it has no role in baggage handling and advised Insider to contact the ground handlers.

There are 4,200 lost bags owned by air passengers at Dublin Airport, according to UTV. Sky Handling was dealing with more than 2,800 pieces of luggage at the airport, per UTV.

The incident comes at a time when many passengers have reported losing their luggage after traveling via plane. One traveler told Insider he spent nearly $1,600 on replacement clothes and items after his suitcase went missing after an Air Canada flight from San Diego to Rome. Passengers have also said they've lost wedding dresses and their parents' ashes.

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