Past, present and future with Mayor Kurtis Smith

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When asked what success he would point to from 2021, Adelaide Metcalfe Mayor Kurtis Smith said the expanding Kerwood Park.

The park is a symbol and a tangible result of past and expected growth in the community. Always a place of coming together for residents, it is in the midst of an upgrade paid for in part by new property tax revenue.

Smith does not foresee any growing pains in the near future.

“We have our Kerwood wastewater treatment plant, so we’re at I think 50 percent capacity. So we can double the size of Kerwood and there wouldn’t really be too much additional expenses there,” said Smith.

“The tax assessment that would come from growth there would outweigh those extra expenses.”

He said Centre Road has the sewer and water connections needed for things like the new Holiday Inn Express being built.

“And then in the rural hamlet areas, with anything that happens along there it’s all positive because there’s no water or sewer issues that other communities have because of the rural nature of Adelaide Metcalfe,” said Smith.

Water connection is a big issue coming up for 2022. The service agreement with Strathroy-Caradoc is being renegotiated.

“We’ve had a servicing agreement with Strathroy-Caradoc since 2003 and it’s been updated along the way. And right now we’ve had some stumbling blocks to get the servicing agreement up to date and intact,” explained Smith.

Amalgamation with the neighbouring municipality would nullify the need for an agreement, but Smith does not see that happening soon.

“The subject of amalgamation seems to always pop up with Strathroy-Caradoc just because there is a lot of services and the growth there from Strathroy leading out to Adelaide Metcalfe, but I believe everything is working quite well. We have a great administration and great staff and great council, so I think everything is really moving along quite positively. So I don’t really see that conversation will be popping up in the near future,” said Smith.

Chris Gareau, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner

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