Pat Sajak was having none of Mario Cantone’s shenanigans on ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’

Starting with the very first puzzle on Sunday’s “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune,” comedian Mario Cantone was in the zone. Host Pat Sajak encouraged his antics at first, but he may have gotten a little more than he bargained for from the “Sex and the City” actor.

“Do me a favor, for the rest of the show don't behave yourself,” Sajak told Cantone.

“Oh, I won't!” replied Cantone.

Cantone was his usual energetic self, with his trademark yelling and over the top reactions. Despite his antics, he did quite well. He raised $48,350 for the Actors Fund, which provides assistance to performance artists and entertainment professionals.

Near the end of the one hour game, Sajak joked, “​​We're having great fun tonight, and my previous job as a cat wrangler has really helped me out in my efforts here tonight.”

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