'I'm waiting to see the same level of outcry': Patricia Jaggernauth’s Bell Media exit draws comparisons to Lisa LaFlamme

In a complaint filed with the Canadian Human Rights Commission on Wednesday, Patricia Jaggernauth, a weather specialist, remote reporter and co-host for the Bell-owned news channel CP24, describes being repeatedly passed over for promotions and earning less than a living wage. (Robert Krbavac/CBC)

Patricia Jaggernauth, a Toronto television personality and weather specialist, filed a human rights complaint case against Bell Media, alleging racial discrimination and sexism during her 11-year career at CP24.

According to her social media, Jaggernauth identifies as part Guyanese and part Jamaican.

She said she was "treated as a token and a commodity."

"I was not fired, I was not let go or laid off...I have never been on contract," Jaggernauth stated in an Instagram video made in response to the outpouring of support she's received.

The former Bell Media employee filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission last week. The file outlines discrimination based on race, gender and disability by the Toronto-based company. It also alleges dismissing Jaggernauth of any opportunity for a promotion, offering her two days of paid employment per week, and attempting to police her freelancing outside of the company.


"Bell now wants to own her likeness and her career, despite putting her in a position where she cannot earn a living wage despite giving 11 years of her career to the company," the complaint reads.

The complaint alleges an "unsafe and unhealthy work environment," pay disparities and a lack of proper mental health resources.

Many Canadians are saddened to learn how Jaggernauth was treated, and were surprised to find out she wasn't a permanent employee.

A former CP24 colleague also reacted to her experiences, stating, "It's no surprise to those who worked there."

A few months ago, Bell Media, the same company that owns CP24, terminated TV Anchor Lisa Laflamme's contract after 35 years of service.

Some tweeted that Canadians should rally behind Jaggernauth the same way they rallied for Laflamme.

In an email to CBC News, a Bell Media spokesperson said, "We do not comment on matters involving current or former staff members, but can confirm that Bell Media takes allegations of any potential discrimination very seriously, and are committed to a safe, inclusive, and respectful work environment where employees can thrive.

"If a matter is brought to our attention where an employee did not feel adequately supported, a process is triggered to review and address when required."