Patrick Dempsey Wore Makeup Last Night: And He’s Not Afraid to Talk About It


Stars like Patrick Dempsey cope with the bright lights and high-definition photography of the red carpet with a skin care regime. (Photo: Getty Images)

He may no longer be McDreamy (he’s always McDreamy), but at 50, Patrick Dempsey makes us swoon more than ever. After he stepped out onto the red carpet for the New York City premiere of Bridget Jones’s Baby on Monday, his groomer, Natalia Bruschi, spoke to Yahoo Beauty to reveal how he keeps his skin from looking like he’s just been to five cities in five days (he has) and makes his hair look like it came from a Disney Prince Charming factory (it didn’t).

The process actually began on Sunday night, when Dempsey did his homework and applied RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream and Rescue Elixir Anti-Aging Oil (a RéVive product that won’t be available to the general public until December).

“That rejuvenates his skin overnight, so he wakes up with beautiful, well-rested, healthy-looking, vibrant skin,” Bruschi said, adding that this is a good tip for any man on the road, regardless of his Hollywood status. “That’s something you can use while you’re traveling, because traveling is very dehydrating, and you don’t get very much sleep, so you need all the help you can get.”


Photo: Courtesy of Natalia Bruschi

On Monday, she gave Dempsey a haircut to polish up his look a bit. Then he took a shower but just conditioned without shampooing, leaving any previously used products still in his hair. This, it turns out, is key to controlling that famous Dempsey mane. “Patrick has really thick, curly hair, so he only shampoos it once or twice a week. The dirtier his hair is, the flatter and tamer it becomes.”

She then applied styling cream and blow-dried it out with a vent brush and her fingers. “He has all these different cowlicks, so you really have to blow-dry the hair and overdirect it in several ways, so it creates volume and tames cowlicks at the same time.”

To any men out there blessed with Dempsey-like thick, curly locks, Bruschi recommends infrequent shampooing as well as this counterintuitive trick: Wear a hat while it’s still wet, let it set, then apply styling product and lift it from the roots to create controlled volume.

Before he faced all those high-definition cameras, Bruschi prepped Dempsey’s skin with RéVive Defensif Renewal Serum Daily Antioxidant Infusion and RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Eye Cream Ultra Retexturizing Hydrator (he reportedly loves the latter because it’s unscented and doesn’t sting). This may be shocking to learn, but Bruschi said Dempsey had “a little bit of dryness around his nose area and a little bit of broken capillaries around his nostrils.” She handled this with RéVive Le Tint Moisturizing Veil in Light to Medium, which she says hydrated as it evened out his skin tone.


Photo: Courtesy of Natalia Bruschi

“Men like to keep it natural,” Bruschi noted. “Le Tint is very sheer and basically melts into the skin. You can still see the skin through it.”

The fact that men don’t tend to wear makeup means that looking good for a special occasion, even one that doesn’t involve a red carpet, is something they need to prepare for days in advance. “I know it’s hard, but I always say try to avoid temptations like alcohol and salty foods, which dehydrate your skin and make you look bloated,” Bruschi said. “If you try to avoid those two temptations, then automatically, you’re going to look like the best version of yourself.”


Of course, we can’t confirm or deny whether Dempsey took this advice, but he did look like his best self, so who knows?

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