Patrick McCaw to Vince Carter after injury: 'I know you didn't mean to harm me in any way'

Golden State Warriors guard Patrick McCaw suffered a scary injury on Saturday that left him writhing on the court in pain and eventually taken from the arena on a stretcher to a hospital where he reportedly regained feeling in a leg that had become numb.

The injury occurred when McCaw was undercut on a layup by Sacramento Kings forward Vince Carter and landed awkwardly on his tailbone. Warriors coach Steve Kerr was initially angry with Carter and pleaded with an official for a flagrant foul and that Carter should know better.

After the situation cooled off and concern for McCaw’s health took over, Kerr and McCaw’s teammates expressed to the media that they did not believe Carter’s play was dirty or malicious. Carter apologized to Warriors players and told reporters “I don’t play the game that way.”

On Sunday, Yahoo’s Shams Charania reported that McCaw’s MRI came back clean and that he was released from the hospital with no timetable for a return.

On Monday, McCaw reached out on Twitter for the first time since the injury with an upbeat message and an olive branch for Carter.

Carter has a sterling reputation as an NBA veteran and no history of dirty play. While his play Saturday may have been reckless, there’s no reason to assume that it was anything but accidental.

After a frightening moment on Saturday, it’s great news that McCaw appears to have escaped serious injury and is on his way to recovery. It’s also encouraging that he’s willing to join his teammates in putting the incident with Carter to bed.

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Patrick McCaw reached out to Vince Carter on Monday to say that he’s not upset with him for the play that sent him off the court Saturday on a stretcher. (AP)