Patrick Stewart shares his love for furry houseguest in adorable video

British actor Patrick Stewart took to Facebook to announce the arrival of his new foster dog. Photo from CP

British actor Patrick Stewart adorably welcomes a new guest into his home in a viral Facebook video.

The video shows him anxiously waiting by the window of his home for his new foster dog.

“Are you ready,” his wife, Sunny Ozell asks him as he peers out the blinds.

“Oh there she is,” he exclaims.

“Okay, open the door,” she encourages him.

He does so just as a volunteer with a reddish-brown pit bull walks up to the house. The dog wags her tail as Stewart crouches down to give her a pet.

“Look who’s here,” he says in amazement, as he strokes her head. “Wow, that’s beautiful.”

Ozell calls out to the dog, named Ginger, who licks Stewart’s face as he gets closer to her.

“Thank you for that, that was a very nice greeting,” he says.

Stewart also appears smitten in another video, which shows Ginger cosying up to him as he sits in a pool.

The muscly dog excitedly licks Stewart’s bald head and back as he leans up against the edge.

He laughs and falls forward, blaming Ginger for pushing him in.

“The swimming lesson that wasn’t,” the caption reads on the video, which has been shared more than 18,000 times. “Our foster pit bull Ginger is perfect afternoon company.”