Paul & Bernice Giroux Memorial Charity Golf Tournament gearing up for 2022 date

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With summer fully arriving in southern Alberta, next week many individuals will begin to take part in more outdoor activities. One of these activities could be golf, and with the Paul & Bernice Giroux Memorial Charity Golf Tournament happening in July, new and experienced golfers will be able to take part in the game while giving back to the community of Taber. Steph Giroux-Feininger, host of the tournament and daughter of Paul and Bernice, spoke about this charity event starting with its origin.

“It started in 2013 in memory of my mom and dad who passed away,” said Giroux-Feininger. “It’s our way of giving back to a community that helped them when he went through a heart transplant and a kidney transplant. We promote organ donation and Alz- heimer’s awareness — we choose a different charity every year that’s always local and that every dollar goes to. There’s nothing left over to carry us into the next year we start at zero.” Giroux-Feininger brief- ly mentioned the chari- ties they’ve helped out in the past and the charities that they’re helping out with this year.

“It also brings light to a lot of needs that Taber has,” said Giroux-Feininger. “In the past, we’ve donated to the library and brought in some electronics for the visually impaired and low vision. We’ve donated to ACE Place, which is one of the schools my dad helped spearhead, St. Mary’s School, (W.R.) Myers School, Air Cadets, the Legion, The Agri-Plex — so quite a few different charities have received the funds. This year is St. Vincent Paul and the Taber Food Bank. One of the two most used charities in Taber and they can always use a hand.”

If you are interested in coming out to this charity golf event, it will be occurring at the Taber Golf Club and Giroux-Feininger shared all of the relevant information about this upcoming event.

“It’s July 16 — you can register by texting me, Steph, at 892-3270, we’re also taking donations, whole sponsor, prize donations,” said Giroux-Feininger. “Taber has really stepped up and helped us out in the past, so it’s been a very, very good thing. Like I said, my mom and dad really gave back after everything they went through. Registration is $110 and includes your kart, your dinner, and your 18 holes of golf.”

Finally, Giroux-Feiniger spoke on what made this event special and why people should come out to it.

“It’s a great tournament, you know there’s ribbon wearing and people are really in the spirit of having fun,” said Giroux-Feininger. “It’s not a competitive tournament by no means, but it’s been great in the past. We just have to get awareness out there of Alzheimer’s and organ donation is a big deal to us. My sister also had a kidney transplant, so she donated a kidney, so we understand what it’s like to have a living donor and a regular donor. It’s a great way to give back when you participate in these things. Not only is it fun, it highlights charities that are always in need. We like to see everybody come out it’s just a great tournament.”

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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