Paulina Porizkova supports Linda Evangelista: 'A model gets disfigured trying to look the way you want and expect her to look.'

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Paulina Porizkova is speaking out in support of fellow supermodel Linda Evangelista after she revealed via Instagram on Thursday that she's been "permanently deformed" as a result of a cosmetic procedure.

"She has bravely come out with her story today, and I want to applaud her and hug her and celebrate her," Porizkova wrote on Instagram on Thursday, alongside old modeling photos of the pair. "There was a reason she retired from the spotlight, and for a woman known for her brilliance as a physical chameleon and embodiment of elegance, it was a harsh one. I will not tell you her story, that is for her to do, but I do want to celebrate her courage in voicing it."

Porizkova has long been candid about the pressure that she's faced while growing up in the spotlight as a supermodel, opening up on her social media accounts about the emotions that arise and what it takes to stay true to yourself throughout the process. And while the 56-year-old received praise for coming forward in support of her friend, Porizkova took to Instagram again on Friday to share just how misunderstood women in the modeling industry can be.

"A model gets disfigured trying to look the way you want and expect her to look. An athlete gets injured trying to be as strong and limber as you want and expect him to be," she wrote. "One gets shamed for vanity, the other applauded for their sacrifice."

While Evangelista hasn't come forward to share exactly why she did CoolSculpting — a noninvasive treatment that's said to reduce fat — countless women in her industry took to the comment section of her own post to share that they understand the strength that it took for her to share her story. Porizkova shares that it's a result of the pressure placed on women to look a certain way.

"As long as us women are told, from the time they are little girls, that their looks are the most valuable part of them, how do you expect them NOT to care?" she wrote.

Porizkova received support for her message as well.

"Your authenticity on this relevant subject of vanity is amazing," one person wrote. 

Another said, "The quest for perfection is killing us."

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