Paving work going smoothly

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Road work season began in Shaunavon last week, with crews set to pave many roads throughout the community over the next few weeks.

Shaunavon's Director of Operations, Ron Phillips, reminds drivers to be aware of work going on around them and make sure not to drive through the construction zones.

“People have to make sure that they don't go through the work areas," said Phillips.

"We've had quite a few people that have done that already,” he added. “The guys are trying to work and they've got pylons up, but people just go right through them.”

Paving was finishing up on Second Street West and a small section of Second Ave. at the intersection, last week, but there is more paving to come in the next few weeks.

After that, the crew will be moving on to do 6th Ave., between the two Poplar Crescent entrances, as well as 6th Ave. from 4th Street West and Third Street West.

From there, the crew will do 6th Ave. from Center Street to 2nd Street West and then a couple of half blocks on the east side of town. The other big area they are doing is right at the corner of highway 37 and 5th Ave.

Phillips reminds people to be patient with work crews and to watch for the signs.

The town is spending in the neighbourhood of $300,000 on paving this year. Crews are also applying slurry seal at a number of locations as well.

Jacob Miller, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Shaunavon Standard

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