Pay for members of Southgate council reported for 2020

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The annual report on remuneration for Southgate council was recently released.

Council pay includes a monthly stipend and then pay for meetings, as well as conferences and expenses.

The 2020 total expenses for Southgate council was about $165,000, about $23,000 less than the year before. Many conferences were cancelled or held virtually, which saved accommodation and mileage.

The boards and committees pay for the year was $3,132, also down from the year before at about $5,400.

Council Remuneration – including taxable benefits: Mayor John Woodbury -$29,334; Deputy-Mayor Brian Milne - $22,355; Councillors: Barbara Dobreen - $21,226; Jim Frew - $19,285; Jason Rice - $20,209; Michael Sherson - $20,165; Martin Shipston - $21,726.

Cell phone and email expenses for the Mayor and Deputy-Mayor are covered at the county level. The rest of councillors had a yearly tech expense of from $500 to $580.

Grey Couny stated that as county councillors, Mayor John Woodbury's pay was $21,881 for 23 meetings and Deputy-Mayor Brain Milne's pay was $22,726 for 25 meetings. Mr. Milne was also a member of the board of health, for which he received an honorarium of $1,875.


M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald