PBJ Cleaning Depot: More than just cleaning supplies

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WALKERTON – PBJ Cleaning Depot Group has just taken ownership of a new store, the former Kitsupply Depot at 255 Ridout St., Walkerton (near the Styrofoam recycling station on the southwest side of town).

The P, B and J are Paul and Bobbi-Jo Stewart, who’ve been joined by their son Carter in the business.

“Everything just came together,” they said. “It’s exciting.”

PBJ started almost 20 years ago in Listowel. Paul described it as a “one man, one van” operation, selling janitorial supplies. Since then, the business has expanded to three locations and a range of new products that include restaurant supplies and office furniture.

The Listowel location now boasts a new 7,200 square-foot warehouse addition, with a showroom to be added soon. The Listowel location has 30 employees. There’s also a location in Hanover with two employees. The new Walkerton location has three employees.

“Our motto is ‘more than just cleaning supplies,’” said Paul, who describes the operation as a “one-stop shop” where customer service is the top priority.

Bobbi-Jo described a comment on Facebook that noted if PBJ “doesn’t have an item, they’ll get it.”

PBJ was busy during COVID, when keeping businesses clean took on a new importance.

“Everyone worked long hours during COVID,” said Paul, who noted the challenges of operating in an environment where certain products would suddenly become unavailable.

“There are still supply chain issues,” he said.

He noted Bobbi-Jo was instrumental in ensuring health and safety issues were looked after.

Bobbi-Jo said it was for the sake of both drivers and customers.

“Everyone has someone who’s at risk,” she said.

Fortunately, Carter came aboard and was able to take on some of the duties.

Said Paul, “We found out during COVID what a great staff we have.”

That includes the new staff members in Walkerton.

“We’re fortunate to have them,” Paul said.

Julie Pegelo has 25 years of experience; co-workers Sara Kelly and Tiffany Henry both have seven years. There’s also the driver, Dave Niesen. Pegelo, Kelly and Henry said they’re looking forward to being part of an expanding operation. The key to PBJ’s success, Kelly said, is “knowing the customers.”

The Hanover-Walkerton areas are growing, he said, and PBJ will grow along with the community.

PBJ is open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Call 519-881-2007 or contact info@cleaning-depot.ca.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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