PC Connect ridership continues to rise on county routes

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PERTH COUNTY – According to a report from Transit Coordinator Maggie Martin to Perth County council on Oct. 21, PC Connect ridership continues to rise.

“In terms of ridership we had our most successful month to date in September with a total of 205 rides completed,” she said. “Our ridership total in September increased by 64 per cent compared to the previous month and Route B specifically saw a 168 per cent increase in ridership with 118 rides in September compared to 44 rides in August.”

On Route A, in the northern end of the county, the rise in riders was more modest, from 81 in August to 87 in September. However, ridership on Route A has consistently been higher since the service began last November. By the end of September, Route A had serviced 837 passengers, whereas Route B had only serviced 338.

In 10 months of operation, PC Connect has serviced a total of 1,175 rides. The PC Connect pilot project that was originally slated to end on March 2023 has been extended by the Government of Ontario for an additional two years with supplementary funding. As per the resolution passed by Perth County council on Sept. 2, PC Connect will continue to operate past the initial pilot end date of March 2023, leveraging the additional $859,000 of grant funding provided. The team will continue to operate the service until the funding is exhausted, with the goal of securing additional funding to operate for the full extension of March 2025.

Colin Burrowes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner

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