PC government eyes review of flood procurement

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PC government eyes review of flood procurement

How Manitoba buys flood-fighting gear and services may come under review, Infrastructure Minister Blaine Pedersen told the Legislature Thursday during Question Period.

But the scope of the review, when it would start and who would do the work are not questions Pedersen was able to answer in a scrum with reporters following the afternoon session in the house.

"We are developing options in order to do a review. A review has never been done before and it is just good business practice to review how flood products were purchased," Pedersen says.

Pedersen says his government has not identified areas of concern or potential inappropriate practices that would prompt the review.

"No, we are preparing right now for a potential flood this spring. It is well-publicized we are expecting floods so as part of preparations getting ready we are looking back to how products were purchased and we want to develop options to make sure we are getting the best value for Manitobans," Pedersen says.

Pedersen was asked if Manitoba was planning to buy Tiger Dam flood tubes in this year's flood season. The inflatable flood-fighting equipment was the subject of much scrutiny, prompting an Ombudsman's report. 

Pedersen said the province was not planning to purchase anything right now and wouldn't link the review to the scandal that dogged the previous NDP government. He says a review would look at all products Manitoba would use to fight a flood.

The province will release its next flood forecast in a week.