Peabody: Brockton has important issues to resolve with next provincial government

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BROCKTON – Brockton will hit the ground running when it comes to dealing with the next provincial government, no matter who gets elected.

“We have four very important outstanding issues that need to be addressed,” said Mayor Chris Peabody.

There’s the hospice situation, with two organizations vying for responsibility for the proposed south build in Grey-Bruce. Peabody explained that Brockton is caught in the middle, having donated a parcel of land in Walkerton for the residential hospice. “That’s never been resolved,” the mayor said. “It’s gone on far too long.”

Peabody has tried to get the two groups to come to a resolution, with no success to date, and has sought assistance from the province.

Then there’s the MZO – Minister’s Zoning Order – that Brockton has endeavoured to use to expedite construction of some 500 desperately needed housing units, including apartments, in the East Ridge Business Park area. That one was supposed to be resolved prior to the election. It wasn’t.

The third issue is the hospital emergency room situation – the ER at the Walkerton hospital is being kept open unsupported by funding from the province, said Peabody. With the ER having been closed overnight for five months and only recently reopened despite the risk of another temporary closure, this is one that needs a resolution urgently.

The fourth is the natural gas issue. Peabody said EPCOR ran into some red tape while the government was not sitting. “We need to get on that immediately,” he said. And by that, he meant Friday, the day after the election – or even Thursday night.

Brockton also intends to make its displeasure known regarding the province’s handling of Bill 109. Although it remains open for comment by municipalities, the bill was passed. It’s law, having received royal assent. Brockton is bringing forward a motion that will be circulated to other municipalities.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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