Peabody describes Bruce County’s proposed crosswalks ‘a great plan’

BRUCE COUNTY – County Warden Chris Peabody, mayor of Brockton, expressed his approval of the county’s proposed crosswalk plans for Walkerton. “It’s a great plan they’ve come up with,” he said, during the Dec. 15 county council meeting.

The intersection has been a concern for people in downtown Walkerton.

The crosswalks will be at the intersection of Bruce Road 2 and Bruce Road 4 (Durham and Yonge St.).

Amanda Froese, the county’s director of transportation and environmental services, said in a report that the county had retained Transoft Solutions in the summer of 2022 to conduct a safety review of the intersection, for the purpose of recommending remedial measures to address issues.

Transoft worked with True North Safety Group to collect and analyze data.

Currently, traffic northbound and southbound on Yonge is required to stop. There are straight-line concerns with Durham St., both eastbound and westbound.

The study recommended installing a pedestrian crossing and reconfiguring the curb to move the stop bars on Yonge closer to the intersection, improving sight lines for stopped northbound vehicles. Narrowing the distance between curbs would help decrease the time pedestrians spend crossing the road, improving safety.

The crosswalk would be installed on the west side of the intersection, where the majority of problems were observed during the study.

The report stated the study results had been shared with Brockton. The municipality told county staff that BM Ross had been retained to complete a design and tender package for the Yonge St. reconstruction, including some work in the intersection. This work should be completed in the spring of 2023.

A pedestrian crosswalk is also recommended at the Yonge and McNabb St. intersection, where a number of safety issues have been identified, including a high-volume commercial driveway and the Saugeen River Trail that crosses Durham St.

The report stated combining the construction project will reduce disruptions to local businesses from closing roads.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times