Peabody doesn’t want to see Walkerton hospital ‘shortchanged’

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BROCKTON – Mayor Chris Peabody still hasn’t heard back from Ontario Health regarding the overnight closure of the Walkerton hospital’s emergency room.

However, he’s heard plenty about another hospital in South Bruce Grey Health Centre’s (SBGHC) group – Kincardine. That hospital is in the initial stages of an extensive redevelopment project, the first phase of which will cost in the range of $65 million. The larger second phase, which will take place several years down the road, has an estimated cost of $113 million. The redevelopment will affect literally every part of the hospital, to expand, update and upgrade everything from the emergency department to in-patient treatment area to diagnostic imaging.

“Don’t shortchange Walkerton to fund the redevelopment in Kincardine … it’s wrong,” said Peabody.

He said in an interview Tuesday, Dec. 28, that he has “a lot of serious questions about this organization” – namely, SBGHC’s board which has a majority of Kincardine people on it. The Brockton-South Bruce area, with a population of 17,000, has no representation on the board.

Peabody went on to say the people of Brockton, Chesley, Mildmay and surrounding areas need to work together to ensure they have access to health care.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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