Peace River sees value in Mighty Peace Watershed

Peace River town council chose its member to represent them on the Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance (MPWA) board of directors for Small Urban Municipality.

The term for the active member for the Small Urban Municipality was about to expire and a new member to be elected.

“In the past, I had held a seat on the MPWA as a Director of Small Urbans and also an alternate to that position,” says Mayor Elaine Manzer of her desire to serve.

“As one of the towns on the main stem of Peace River, council felt that having a membership would extend our knowledge of the watershed including in drought, flood and the filling of Site C dam events.”

Manzer says the alliance does important work regarding the region’s watershed, and she indicated her desire to be back on the board, a request that was approved by council.

“The alliance promotes and organizes educational opportunities on the status of different areas of the watershed including such items as the State of the Grimshaw aquafer, water drainage information, information on riparian areas including best practices for the care of riparian areas,” says Manzer.

The position’s term is one year and Manzer says it is an opportunity for the Town to share concerns and ideas regarding the watershed.

Council nominated Manzer at its regular meeting on June 10.

Emily Plihal Local Journalism Initiative Reporter - South Peace News -

Emily Plihal, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, South Peace News