Peaceful Warriors begin protest at Town Hall

·2 min read

A local group opposed to the new New Tecumseth Administration Centre is taking the protest to the street.

The group is allied through a Facebook page called the New Tecumseth Peaceful Warriors and have held protests in the past and are circulating a petition calling for a stop to the new proposed Administration Building.

Group spokesman, Joe Feiner, appeared before Town Council on March 29, to voice his concerns regarding the cost and feasibility of building the new Centre as well as other issues the group has with Town Administration.

He has now decided to take the protest up a notch by stationing himself at the New Tecumseth Administration Centre on Wellington Street East in Alliston.

Mr. Feiner, who prefers to use his Tax Roll Number 060-00247250-0000, as his identification as a tax payer for protest purposes, plans to maintain his place at an unused entrance on the Church Street side of the building for 'as long as it takes.'

He brought a symbolic chain and chained himself to a railing to show how serious he is.

“Today is day one, to bring awareness to our group and bring awareness to the Township and the decision making of Council,” Mr. Feiner explained. “Right now, because of what I'm doing it, it's about everything we're up against. Starting from the south end of our Township, from bringing in contaminated soil, to the water in Tottenham to no bus in Tottenham, and the MZO in Tottenham and Beeton, and turning parkland into residential lots in Beeton. We want to bring awareness to the fact that we don't have a voice. I'd like to be known as my roll number – this is how we pay taxes – this is who I am. The reason I'm asking to be known as this roll numbers, is this gives us the right to vote on everything.”

Once he found his place on the steps of the building, Mr. Feiner said he plans on staying.

“I'm going to sleep here and if it gets really bad I'm going to sleep in my SUV, for as long as it takes.”

Several supporters from the Peaceful Warriors showed up to wish Mr. Feiner well, during the first day of his protest on Sunday, April 10.

Brian Lockhart, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, New Tecumseth Times