Peacock shows spectacularly colored plumage for the ladies

Male peacocks are among the most striking and spectacular specimens in the bird world. They have the largest feathers and the most extravagant displays of detail. With iridescent feathers on their neck and an ornate crown, they are truly royal birds in appearance. Commonly called peacocks, the females are actually peahens and both males and females are referred to as peafowl. They are the national bird of India and they run free here, as these wild peafowl do. These beautiful creatures appear daily in this garden near the edge of the city in Delhi. They come to eat the seed that is left out for them and other birds. Almost as striking as the plumage is the shrill call of the male peacock, able to be heard for miles as they shriek to assert dominance over other males in their territory and to attract females. With such a heavy train, peacocks spend more time on the ground than in the air. Although they are capable of flight, they prefer to outrun predators and hide in the brush rather than to take flight. A full grown peacock is quick and agile enough to outrun most animals through dense brush. This videographer was thrilled to be able to capture footage of such a magnificent, wild creature so close up.