Take a peek inside Ottawa's new and improved Science and Tech museum

The National Capital Commission's board has approved the master plan for the reopening of the rebuilt Canada Science and Technology Museum.

A leaky roof and mould forced the popular museum to close in September 2014, and after extensive repairs and renovations, it's set to open its doors to the public this November.

The NCC's board met Thursday morning to review the master plan for the site off St. Laurent Boulevard and give its final approval.

The master plan lays out where the buildings go, how people access the site by foot, car, bike and transit, and how to landscape the site to include a science park.

The NCC board also gave its final approval for a new building on the site that will provide far better storage for the museum's artifacts, and house labs where staff from will do conservation work.

Renovated museum to reopen this year

The Canada Science and Technology Museum has also posted drawings of the interior museum on its website, saying it will "continue to promote and celebrate Canada's long history of scientific and technological achievements, and to inspire future innovation."

The museum will feature about 80,000 square feet of new exhibition space in five main galleries. It shared artists' renderings to give a museum goers a glimpse of how that new space will look.

The museum says the popular Crazy Kitchen will be part of the new space, including a demonstration area, classrooms and a feature called Artefact Alley that allow visitors to experience what the museum calls "augmented reality."

While visitors will get to see the interior of the museum itself later this year, the new collection conservation centre is set to be finished in June 2018.