Pelicans center DeMarcus Cousins: ‘The image they’re pushing [of me] doesn’t fit’

In a wide-ranging interview with Yahoo Sports’ Shams Charania, New Orleans Pelicans Rajon Rondo and DeMarcus Cousins discuss a number of topics, including the public perception that the All-Star center is a “bad guy.”

Rondo, entering his 12th NBA season, opens up about Cousins’ work in the community and his charitable endeavors and emphasizes how people don’t know the real Cousins, who wasn’t surrounded with mentors and veteran leadership in his six-plus seasons with the Sacramento Kings.

“Did I do a lot of messed up things?” Cousins, 27, said. “Yes, I’ll be the first to admit it, but, you know, I figured it out the best way I could.”

Rondo believes Cousins is a special player who should reach new heights this season and push the Pelicans in the right direction.