Pensioner with Parkinson’s ordered to remove hanging baskets by housing association

Connor Parker
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Jimmy Bain has limited mobility and wanted to spruce up his garden so he would have somewhere nice to sit.
Jimmy Bain has limited mobility and wanted to spruce up his garden so he would have somewhere nice to sit.

A pensioner with Parkinson’s has been ordered to remove hanging baskets from his home, because he didn’t get permission to put them up.

Jimmy Bain, 81, spends a lot of time in his house as he struggles with his mobility and had the three hanging baskets installed to brighten up his windows.

The pensioner is being forced to take them down after his housing association told him they had received complaints about the flowers from other residents.

Bain had the hanging basket put up by a friend, who offered to do it free of charge to give him a better view from his window.

Hanover Housing Association said they recognised the importance of having pleasant outdoor spaces, but said their landscapers had said they had concerns about access to the property being limited.

They said they would endeavour to accommodate their residents’ wishes.

Bain, from Bainsford, Falkirk, has been ordered to remove the baskets by 11 September.

Bain with his hanging baskets
Bain with his hanging baskets

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Bain said: “There was really no view at all out the window, then a man I know offered to put the flowers up free of charge - he did it for a lot of the residents.

“It gave me a better outlook. I really didn’t know I had to ask for permission to put the flowers up.

“I think it’s just stupid - it’s really terrible.

“I would move, but I’ve got a good home here and I don’t want to change.”

Other residents who have put up flowers and decorations have also been ordered to remove them as soon as possible.

A spokesman for Hanover Housing said: "Concerns were raised by our landscaping contractors about access to complete their tasks.

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“We also received a number of complaints from other residents.

“Ideally we would have wished to have avoided these issues and this may have happened had the resident contacted us in advance to discuss this and seek our permission.

“The resident has been allowed to keep the flower beds that were originally there and also some hanging baskets.

“We plan to speak with him further to seek a practical solution that will allow him and his neighbours to continue to enjoy their garden and outdoor space.

“We also plan to speak with all of the residents at the development to discuss the communal garden areas to see if improvements are needed with existing flower beds.

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