The US House Just Passed A Bill To Ban TikTok, And The Internet Is Coping With Jokes

Ugh, it's official folks. The US House of Representatives has passed a bill in an effort to effectively ban TikTok.

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The bill passed with bipartisan support and a final vote of 352–65, so I guess our lawmakers can agree on something.

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To rationalize, lawmakers have expressed concerns of “national security threats” due to TikTok being owned by a China-based company. However, TikTok does not operate in China, and it collects less data than Facebook. Meanwhile, Facebook has experienced eight security breaches since 2004.

House Floor in Congress

When speaking of the bill, Republican Speaker Mike Johnson said in a statement: "Today’s bipartisan vote demonstrates Congress’ opposition to Communist China’s attempts to spy on and manipulate Americans, and signals our resolve to deter our enemies."

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Here's what the CEO of TikTok had to say about the bill:


People are seriously angry about this passing, and are calling out US lawmakers for their priorities:

"Teachers underpaid, zero gun laws to keep people safer, women's rights are being questioned, the LGBTQ+ community is constantly under attack…..but they got time to vote to ban TikTok," one user wrote.

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"Instead of banning TikTok, how about you ban the zoning laws that are ticking up rents and making us tok about affordable housing," another person said.


"We have completely lost the plot in this country lmao," another person wrote.


The bill will be sent to the Senate next for a final vote, but people seem to be coping with TikTok's potential ban with jokes, so here are a few that came across my timeline:


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