People who got piercings at Sydney business face small risk of blood-borne illnesses

Public health officials in Nova Scotia are contacting people who had piercings at The Tat-Tomb Gallery in Sydney between June and November because they're at risk of contracting blood-borne illnesses, such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.

In a news release, the Nova Scotia Health Authority said no one has reported any illnesses linked to the George Street business.

The Department of Environment inspected The Tat-Tomb Gallery and found instruments may not have been cleaned properly.

Officials say there were no issues with the tattoo practices at the business.

Risk of illness is low

The medical officer of health, Dr. Claudia Sarbu, said the risk of contracting an illness is low.

Public Health is contacting all clients and recommending testing.

The business has been ordered to stop doing piercings and is providing client information to Public Health.

Anyone who received a piercing from The Tat-Tomb Gallery between June and November 2019 should follow-up with Public Health if they are not contacted. They can call 1-888-823-8224 toll-free.