People are hating on Andy Cohen's 'Riverdale' cameo

Andy Cohen left the clubhouse this week to quickly pop into Riverdale and provide a celebrity endorsement for Hermione Lodge's run for Mayor of Riverdale. Yes, this really happened.

On the latest episode, titled "Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors," fans were surprised when Hal Cooper introduced a special celebrity endorsement by the Bravolebrity. After Veronica Lodge told Hal, "I'm excited to show Riverdale that she's more than just a housewife," Hal announced, "Speaking of housewives, we have a very special guest. Bravo's very own Andy Cohen." And after Hal asked Cohen what brought him to Riverdale, Cohen answered, "I'm here to endorse my great friend, Hermione Lodge. She's a very savvy businesswoman. She's always three steps ahead of everyone around her. She's a fighter too. She doesn't give up. I'd love to have her in my corner."

Almost immediately after his appearance, Riverdale viewers took to Twitter totally throwin' shade. One person tweeted: "I just had the weirdest fever dream that Andy Cohen played himself on Riverdale." while another person wrote: "ANDY COHEN A VERY OLD VERY GOOD FRIEND OF THE FAMILY. this show is ridiculous."

No news as to whether or not Cohen will develop a "Real Housewives of Riverdale" spin-off, but we're guessing it's not likely because, you know, Riverdale is a little too dramatic.