People Are Revealing The Expensive Things They Don't Regret Buying, And I'm Taking Notes

The other day, Redditor u/sir_nams asked, "What is an item you spent way too much money on but have no regrets buying?" and people shared the expensive purchases they made that were worth the investment. Here are some of the most fascinating responses:

1."My house. I pay a lot as my mortgage, but every time I come into the house, the immense peace I feel is just under the roof."


A woman smiling in front of her house
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2."I get a weekly meal box. It's $89 for six meals, but I hate to cook; all I have to do is microwave them, and they taste good. I was sucked into the six-weeks promotional price, but I really like them and continued."


Prepped meals on a table
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3."Investing in more expensive clothing that doesn’t fall apart in a year."


a man in a clothing store
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4."My new Tempur-Pedic king bed. By god, was it expensive, but I’ve never slept better!"


"We upgraded to a king, which is adjustable, and I've had fewer no sleep/bad sleep nights than ever. And yes, it was expensive but worth every cent."


a couple trying out a bed in a store
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5."A Toto toilet with a Toto washlet (electric bidet)."


A toilet with a bidet
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6."Invisalign. Cost? Expensive. Having straight teeth for the first time in my life in my 40s? Priceless."


a woman putting on her mouth guard
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7."My recent trip to Japan. I've been wanting to go since I was at school (I'm 40 now), and after saving for most of my adult life, I finally managed to go. I've never spent that much money on anything. Even though I'd been dreaming about it and building it up in my head my whole life, it still far exceeded my expectations. Absolutely no regrets."


People on the streets of Japan
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8."My dog. She's almost 7, and since then, she's either wearing my money, chewing my money, or eating my money. Don't regret it one bit."


A man feeding his baby while his dog sits close by and watches
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9."My monitor. I couldn't afford to get a new monitor when I upgraded my PC. I went through a rough patch and am finally out of it; I'm now moving from 60Hz to 244Hz (don't worry, my PC can handle it), but go me!"


People working in an office
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10."I bought a pair of New Balance shoes for $240. They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn and owned. My wife is getting sick of the weird noises and constant 'Man, these shoes are comfortable!' whenever I wear them. No regrets."


A shoe display in a window
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11."One time, I decided not to go to a party because after 9 p.m., there was a $10 cover, and I wasn’t gonna be able to make it before then. While walking back to my apartment, I noticed an art opening. I went in and fell in love with the artist’s work. I bought a $500 painting on the spot. This was a huge amount of money for me at the time, the most I had ever spent on one single thing."

"And avoiding the $10 cover thing was my normal MO. Not sure what came over me, but I still love the painting. No idea what the artist’s name is."


An art gallery with paintings on the wall
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12."My kid’s therapist. She’s the head of the practice and came highly, highly recommended. And she costs a goddamn arm and a leg. However, my kid is thriving. Do I wish she was less expensive? Of course! Would I dream of switching her out for someone new? Not on your life."


a therapist working with a child
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13."Not an item, but a trip to Alaska this summer. I never sat down and added everything up, but I probably spent about $3,000 on a 10-day trip (solo). But it was an incredible trip — worth every dollar."


People hiking and looking out at a mountain range
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14."My car. Yes, it was used, and yes, maintenance is freakishly expensive, but I’ve cheaped out on cars MY WHOLE LIFE, and I wanted a convertible Beetle since I was a teen. I love my little red car."


a red Volkswagon convertible
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15."My matching kettle and toaster. They were just over $200 each, and I don’t care. I love them, and I use them every day."


A woman pouring water into her coffee maker in her kitchen
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16."Hair transplant surgery. 10/10 recommend."


A doctor drawing a line on a patient's hairline
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17."My countertop dishwasher. I have a studio apartment with no dishwasher included, and the $400 was well spent on it to not have to hand wash dishes all the time."


a dishwasher loaded with plates and bowls
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18."A La Marzocco Linea Micra espresso machine. I make the best espresso drinks I’ve ever had in my own kitchen."


a woman making an espresso
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19."My Canada Goose coat I bought eight years ago. I live in NYC and have to walk everywhere. I'm still warm even in single-digit temps with a wind chill factor in the negatives — and it still looks brand new and stylish. Investing in good shoes and coats is a must."


A man in a winter coat walking in New York City
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20."My cat. He ran away for a few weeks and couldn’t find home. I spent nearly $200 in cages to trap him and then spent nearly $300 for a vet checkup after to make sure he was okay. He’s my baby, though, so I didn’t care in the long run."


a woman snuggling with her cat
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21."I have a hard time getting myself moving. I work a desk job from 9–5 and am just not motivated after work. I've tried a bunch of different options, but I have ADHD, and none of them gave me dopamine, so I didn’t want to do them. So, I bought a whole Nintendo Switch just for the Ring Fit game. It works amazingly, and I feel a lot better knowing I'm getting some movement into my day."

"It was super expensive, but the gaming aspect keeps my brain interested."


Someone holding a Nintendo Switch
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22."My RV. Cost a stupid amount of money, makes zero financial sense, and I love it. I show dogs and was so sick of sleepy hotels and crappy, overpriced Airbnbs. Now, the dogs and I go, we feel at home, and I sleep so well."


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23."My set of cooking pots. I was making a whopping $5 an hour, and they were very expensive, but I just knew that these pans would be with me forever. It's been 45 years, and they were definitely worth the investment."


A woman cooking in her kitchen
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24."Dental care. Currently about $10K into fixing all the dental issues I’ve had for almost 20 years with a couple grand to go, and I don’t have a single regret about it."


A man at the dentist
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25."High-quality hand tools. Buy your Craftsman, Rigid, Proto, Channellock, and Klein tools, and you won't have to buy it again unless you lose them. Almost all of the nicer, expensive tools have lifetime warranties as well."

"I've taken two tools in over my 15-year span of pipefitting to get replaced. Both times they asked no questions, grabbed the tool off the shelf, and handed it to me without so much as a signature. Buy high-quality tools; it's worth it every time."


A contractor using a saw to cut wood
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And finally...

26."Last week, I spent about $400 on bedding (new oversized duvet, cover, quilt, and sheets). I love all of them so much, and the duvet cover is especially gorgeous. Paired with the new mattress we just got today after exchanging our last one, everything is so damn fluffy and luxurious. I don't know how I'm going to get out of bed tomorrow."


a woman fixing her bed
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What's something you spent a lot of money on that was totally worth the investment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.