People Who "Won The Genetic Lottery" Are Sharing How They're Basically Better Than Everyone Else, And It's So Freaking True

People Who "Won The Genetic Lottery" Are Sharing How They're Basically Better Than Everyone Else, And It's So Freaking True

A little while ago, Reddit user u/askredditiscool posed the question, "People who have 'won the genetic lottery,' what qualities do you have?"

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And there were so many interesting answers! Here are some of the top-voted responses:

1."I'm not allergic to mosquito spit. So they bite me, and I feel the pinprick, but I never get that red, swollen, itchy-as-hell welt. I also apparently taste bad enough to them that they will go for anyone else in the area before me."


2."Not a single person in my family has gone bald."


3."My teeth are nearly perfect. Whenever I switch dentists, they are a bit stunned at the first appointment. My husband hates me for it."


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4."Probably my best lottery win is mental stability. Not too high, not too low — just always in a pretty good mood, positive and happy. I don't suffer from anxiety or depression, and it doesn't take much to make me happy. I will always look on the bright side of any problem or situation. I am rarely angry. I'm half-decently intelligent; I'd like to think above average, but I guess that depends on the room. Considering in my family, there are serotonin deficiencies, I feel like I've made out pretty well."


5."I’ve got better than 20/20 vision. I got to 20/15, and the optometrist didn’t have anything smaller for me to read. But based on how well I read letters that small, he thinks I’ve got better vision than that."


6."Strong bones. At age 72, I've fallen several times in the last few years and have never broken a bone in my life."


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7."Zero period pain. I forget I have it."


8."I have an above-average memory, and I can read really fast (I read a line at a glance instead of word by word, if that makes sense)."


9."I inherited the sleep button gene from my grandfather. When I want to fall asleep, I just a matter of minutes. I haven't struggled with falling asleep/waking up more than 10 times in my entire lifetime. Downside: I can't nap."


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10."Blood pressure that is always 'good,' 'great,' or 'low.' Age 53, and everyone around me talks about their high blood pressure and how to manage it. I guess I consider that a genetic win."


11."High platelet count. My blood/plasma/platelets are very much in demand. I can walk into any donation center, and they fall over themselves to make accommodations to get my platelets. If I get cut, I'll enter homeostasis rapidly. I think I'm the opposite of a hemophiliac."


12."My beard is magnificent."


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13."I can actually lick my elbow."


14."Not sure yet, but I may live a really long time. People on my mom's side just have exceptional lifespans. My great-grandma got in a bad fire at age 45 and had third-degree burns everywhere. No one thought she'd recover or live very long. Out of pure spite for the husband she'd been separated from for 23 years, she lived until she was 96. This was in India."

"My great-great-grandpa lived until he was around 116. He maintained his capability and independence until the very end. In his last few years, he started to lose his eyesight and hearing, but he still cooked his own food, bathed himself, did the house chores, etc. My grandpa is at 78 right now, and he'll hopefully remain in good health."


15."I’m a woman who doesn’t grow leg hair. All my friends are very, very jealous about this, LOL."


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16."I’m tall. That’s it."


17.And finally, "I didn't win, but I also avoided all the ways you can instantly lose, so I don't think I would risk a reroll if one were offered."


Have you "won the genetic lottery" in any way? LMK in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.