Perry supports Almaguin staycation project in principle but no funds given

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The Almaguin Community Economic Development committee has proposed a 24-week promotion dubbed Staycation Almaguin and has asked regional municipalities to donate $1,900 toward the project.

After some debate at Perry’s April 21 meeting, council decided to support the project in principle but not financially.

Here are five key quotes from the discussion:

“They have raised $9,200 so far but a lot of the municipalities are not necessarily wanting to give money. They’re looking at trying to help in other ways …,” said Coun. Margaret Ann MacPhail.

“ … It’s a short program — 24 weeks — I do feel it’s been put together rather shabbily. These are comments from other municipalities as well … when I look at these two programs, I see big potential in Driftscape in looking after businesses in Perry,” said Coun. Joe Lumley.

“I’d like to see it supported because it’s only for this summer or for these 24 weeks. If we don’t want to spend the money on it, we could at least support it in principle and let them know we’re supportive of the idea,” said MacPhail.

“I’ll support it in principle but not financially, not for the short-term goal of 24 weeks. I’d rather spend that money and help my community out for a year rather than 24 weeks on things that are going to promote Perry …,” said Lumley. “I can guarantee Perry is going to see numbers come in from that app. I don’t know what you’re going to see through staycation …”

“We are involved with a regional economic development, we don’t have to give it $1,900 … we are involved in this whole area — COVID-19 is affecting everyone; businesses and personally, so I would like to support it somehow,” said MacPhail.

Council asked staff to rewrite the bylaw to say that the Township of Perry would support the Staycation Almaguin project in principle but would not be contributing $1,900.

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Sarah Cooke, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Parry Sound North Star