Pet adoption encouraged by ad campaign's clever use of negative space

A stray animal advocacy group in India is inspiring people to adopt through a clever advertising campaign that’s more than meets the eye.

World For All commissioned the campaign, which encourages family to adopt animals, rather than buy from breeders. It was created to promote a one-day adoption event back in January.

The ads feature silhouettes of families huddled together with outlines of animals in the space between them. One poster has a man and a woman lovingly gazing down at a baby, the white space between them resembling a dog. Another features a couple facing one another, holding hands, as the gap between them forms the outline of a cat.

World for All’s adoption ad featuring a cat. Photo from World for All
World for All’s adoption ad featuring a dog. Photo from World for All

The tagline: “There’s always room for more. Adopt.”

The campaign proved to be a huge success, with attendance boosted to 150 per cent over the previous year.

“The campaign increased foot traffic owing to its large visibility and the interest people took in the image,” World For All founder Ruchi Nadkarni told The Dodo. “The event saw 42 adoptions and will now be a yearly event at the college owing to the phenomenal success of the event and 42 adoptions in one day.”