Pete Carroll retiring? Not anytime soon, apparently

These are the days of coaching turnover in the NFL, a time when at least half the league’s jobs are in play. But in the midst of speculation about who might next coach, say, the Indianapolis Colts or Chicago Bears, one name chewed through the rumor mill jumped out: Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

Sure, Carroll is the league’s oldest coach at 66 years old. But the tweet is about as lukewarm as room-temperature tap water; pretty much every coach “may” retire at any time if he feels like it. Still, the specter of the most dynamic coach in the NFL, and the architect of a Seattle kind-of dynasty, was enough to freak out Seahawk Nation, enough to even prompt Carroll himself to address the rumors on Twitter.

You’d think Carroll might have more important matters to focus on, given that Seattle was in a must-win situation Sunda afternoon against the Arizona Cardinals, but hey … Pete Carroll runs his ship his way. And, judging by that tweet, he might be running it his way for quite some time.

Pete Carroll, not retiring just yet. (Getty)

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