Philadelphia streets (and Rocky steps) succumb to anarchy after Eagles victory

Philadelphia Eagles fans celebrate on top of cars on Broad Street. (Getty)

The city of Philadelphia did everything it could to brace itself. It took precautions to keep its citizens in check in the case of a Philadelphia Eagles victory in Sunday’s NFC championship game. But when that victory came

Well, there was no stopping all hell from breaking lose.

Below are the best – or worst, or craziest – scenes from the streets of Philly on Sunday night. And be forewarned, there is explicit language.

We’ll begin with three seconds of videographic artistry that sum up the anarchy pretty well:

Our shirtless hero in the eagle mask was one of the stars of the night:

But he wasn’t the most viral. That award belongs to the man or woman who chose to drive a vehicle up the Philadelphia Art Museum steps:

The most infamous video of the night could be that one, or this one, of Eagles fans hurling eggs and beer bottles at what was apparently the Vikings’ team bus:

Or this one, of fans yelling “[expletive] Millie” – Millie is the 99-year-old lifelong Vikings fan who went viral when the team gifted her tickets to the Saints game:

But most of the celebrations were good-natured. Here is a very Philly video, from one of the popular spots, near Frankford and Cottman Avenues, of fans dancing to and singing the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme song:

Most of the action, however, took place on Broad Street, the main downtown street that leads to City Hall.

On Broad, fans were well aware that the city had enlisted employees to grease up lampposts with Crisco. So, naturally, they ascended them anyway, with chants of “[expletive] that grease” for encouragement:

There was plenty of lamppost-climbing, in fact:

There was also break dancing:

Eventually – unfortunately – there was fire:

There was plenty of statue-climbing, too. Some finds made their way to the Gettysburg statue outside City Hall to lead chants, including many of “[expletive] Tom Brady”:

And “Big [expletive] Nick”:

And, just for good measure, the “Skol” clap, which Eagles fans have stolen and turned into the “Foles” clap:

There were also different forms of pyrotechnics:

And there were various forms of interactions with moving vehicles. The best is this fan standing up through the sun roof of a car, flapping his arms as if they’re eagle wings:

Then there’s this pickup truck, which looks like it’s holding an entire house party in the back:

There’s this man jumping up and down on the front of a truck, while fans stream through cars around him:

You could also use cars to run over what looks like a Rob Gronkowski jersey – though the fan who tweeted it tried to tag Tom Brady (but tagged a different Tom Brady instead):

Or you could just randomly jump on top of cars:

Philadelphia Eagles fans celebrate in downtown Philly. (Getty)

You could also use a stroller to carry a speaker:

And finally, we have somebody running around with a big traffic cone over his head:


Now, just think what these same locations will look like if the Eagles knock off the Patriots in two weeks …

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