Phillies fan makes good on Twitter promise to buy everyone chicken nuggets

Since Rhys Hoskins was called up on Aug. 10, he’s been making things happen for the Philadelphia Phillies. In 39 games he’s slashed .299/.428/.739 with a record-setting 18 home runs. And for Phillies fans, Hoskins still doesn’t seem real. The team is just starting to emerge from five solid years of rebuilding-related losing (and losing and losing), so Hoskins’ explosion almost feels like a joke that’s being played on them by the baseball gods.

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That definitely explains this tweet from Phillies fan Damon Miller Jr. Not believing that Hoskins would homer yet again, he tweeted this before the Phillies played the Miami Marlins on Sept. 14.

A bold, daring promise. But Damon may have forgotten: once you tweet something out into the world, the internet never forgets. Because lo and behold, Hoskins homered again that night.

What was Miller’s immediate reaction to that fateful Hoskins homer? John Stolnis of The Good Phight spoke to him on Tuesday and found out.

Miller said, “I was actually at the game when he hit and my first reaction was I looked at my dad and said DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!? I OWE EVERYONE NUGGETS NOW!”

Miller had a little more to say about it on Twitter.

But a promise is a promise. So the Phillies brought Miller to Citizens Bank Park on Tuesday night to make good on it.

Damon Miller Jr. came to Citizens Bank Park to make good on his promise to buy everyone chicken nuggets if Rhys Hoskins hit a home run. (Twitter/@Phillies)

Here’s what Miller told The Good Phight about nugget-palooza:

Miller told me he gave away 300 McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets (from 50 boxes) before Tuesday night’s game against L.A. He’s lucky attendance has been sparser during this rebuilding season.

Citizens Bank Park seats 43,647 people. If everyone who entered the park got a 4-piece chicken McNugget pack, that would equate to 174,588 chicken nuggets. Luckily, they’re $1.99 on the Dollar Menu, which would have cost him potentially just $86,857.53 (before tax). However, in the end, it didn’t cost him anything.

“[The Phillies] set up the entire thing, which I’m extremely grateful for!”

Rhys Hoskins home runs and chicken nuggets are both joyful things, and thankfully Miller’s wallet didn’t have to get murdered for their sake.

The story doesn’t end there, though. Later that night during the game, Miller got a special gift from the man who made this all happen, Rhys Hoskins himself.

Miller held up his sign for Hoskins, and the guy threw him a baseball in return. Could there be a more perfect ending to this story?

Hoskins hasn’t hit a home run in five games (since the Sept. 14 nugget-dinger, actually), but he’s still making things happen for the Phillies. They were facing the Dodgers on Tuesday night, and Hoskins hit a crucial three-run double in the sixth inning that put them ahead 5-2. They’d go on to win the game 6-2, beating the Dodgers for the second (?!) straight night.

Maybe it was the chicken nuggets.

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