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Got butterfingers? You need this top-rated $10 phone lanyard: 'Keeps my hands free'

Never lose or drop your prized possession again with this genius little strap.

Whether you're clumsy or not, a phone is just too expensive to let slip from your fingers. While you likely already have a case, that is little help when you're taking photos on a moving boat or over a stunning vista point — and concrete sidewalks always seem to hit just right to take a nick out of the side of your screen.

Sometimes you need your gizmo strapped to you. That's where a phone case lanyard comes in.

Brands like Casetify and Bandolier sell high-end options made of leather and metal. While fashionable, do you really need to drop $50 to $100 on a phone case lanyard? If you're looking for an affordable, everyday option, this $10 phone case lanyard on Amazon is our top recommendation.

Ever panic while taking pics of the Grand Canyon? You need this.

$10 at Amazon

If this is your first phone case lanyard, the Outxe is a great place to start. Aside from being extremely wallet-friendly (prices range from $10 to $13, depending on color), it's also well-made and comes highly recommended by Amazon shoppers.

The package includes everything you'll need. It comes with four pads for securing the lanyard to your phone case, plus two straps: a long one for your neck and a short one for your wrist. It can even be extended long enough to be crossbody length.

The Outxe fits all phone models and is super easy to install. Just pass the pad through your case's charging hole, insert your phone and snap it in. Then connect the lanyard to the exposed metal ring. That's it — no tools necessary!

phone case lanyard
The phone case lanyard kit comes with everything you need to securely attach it to your phone. (Amazon)

Upwards of 7,000 Amazon shoppers are fans of the lanyard. "I never drop or lose my phone anymore as I keep it on my wrist when going out in public," one impressed shopper wrote while sharing that they love that it comes with an additional wrist strap.

"Wish I'd gotten [it] sooner," another reviewer added, while sharing that they first saw the product while on a cruise. "It's been the handiest thing! Allows [you to be] hands-free but keeps your phone handy so you don't have to close an app and tuck it in your pocket."

"Genius," raved a fan. "I use a walker; keeps my hands free."

One shopper said this lanyard is the "best for those always misplacing and forgetting their phones," going on to admit that "I have the worse memory and I’m always misplacing my phone. ... This is the best solution because the phone is always on me." The same shopper did point out, though, that the fabric is a bit thin and "won't last forever" but still does the trick for keeping your phone secure and safe in a stylish way.

Thanks to the included neck and wrist strap, you can wear it in multiple ways.

$13 at Amazon

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