Phone shatters on woman’s head after it falls from fair ride, Oklahoma video shows

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Screengrab from Rebecca Gillespie's Facebook video

A woman was injured when a phone fell off a ride at a fair in Oklahoma and hit her in the head, video shows.

Rebecca Gillespie was visiting the Oklahoma State Fair in Oklahoma City with her mother-in-law and 7-month-old daughter on Tuesday, Sept. 20, she told News on 6.

She began filming the Street Fighter spinning fair ride, video posted on Facebook shows. As she looked up, a phone fell from the ride and plummeted toward her, the footage shows.

“It shattered on my head,” Gillespie wrote on Facebook.

The phone struck Gillespie’s forehead, cutting her and leaving her bloodied, graphic Facebook photos show. She went to a hospital and suffered a “serious concussion,” she said. The injury required a number of stitches, photos show.

Gillespie said she’s “beyond grateful” that her infant daughter wasn’t hit by the falling phone.

A fair spokesperson told McClatchy News that, “It is clearly posted in multiple locations that no cell phones are allowed on the ride ... after the incident happened, in a abundance of caution, the ride was shut down until it was inspected.”

“It’s unfortunate,” the spokesperson added. “You post signs, you just hope the public is responsible enough to read and adhere to the signage.”

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