PHOTOS: Cars slide off in ditches as significant hail hits Saskatchewan

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PHOTOS: Cars slide off in ditches as significant hail hits Saskatchewan

Severe thunderstorms bubbled up across central and southern Saskatchewan Thursday, prompting widespread warnings for powerful winds and large hail.

In Grand Coulee, west of Regina, so much hail fell that it made roads and surfaces look like more of a June winter wonderland. According to Regina Fire, crews were called at 3:55 p.m. due to multiple vehices in the ditch.

"Minor injuries reported by firefighters," Regina Fire tweeted, adding that crews were able to clear the scene by 5 p.m.

Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan were also reminding drivers to slow down as the severe thunderstorms rolled through the area.

"Slow down in bad weather folks," officials posted on Twitter. "Excess speed and/or bald tires can lead to hydroplaning which can lead to skidding."

Stronger atmospheric dynamics were present through the late afternoon and evening hours, which is what supported the development of the severe storms. A strong rising motion in the atmosphere is what also allowed the thunderstorms the capability to suspend hailstones for a longer period of time.


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By about 8 p.m., all of the thunderstorm watches and warnings for the region had dropped. Forecasters are now watching a major storm system that could bring a widespread heavy rain to the western Prairies next week, especially for areas that are mired in extreme drough.

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Here's a look at the intense hail that coated much of southern Saskatchewan through Thursday:

Thumbnail image courtesy: Regina Fire/Twitter

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