Photos: Empty Ontario highways in the age of COVID-19

Cheryl Santa Maria
Photos: Empty Ontario highways in the age of COVID-19
Photos: Empty Ontario highways in the age of COVID-19

Ontario has declared a state of emergency to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and has ordered all non-essential businesses to be closed.

Schools, daycares, parks, and hiking trails are closed as well.

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That has had a major impact on traffic across the province, even during rush hour.

On Thursday, we checked out highway traffic cameras between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. -- a time when many people are usually heading to work and school.

One of the most notably-empty stretches of road is on the 401, which is one of North America's busiest highways.

On a typical, pre-coronavirus day, between 420,000 and 500,000 cars use this route.

Keep scrolling for more time and date-stamped photos of Ontario's highways in the age of the COVID-19 disaster.


Highway 401 near Kipling Rd.:

Toronto 401 near kipling

Highway 404 near Sheppard

Toronto - 404 near Sheppard

Highway 401 near Yonge

Toronto - 401 near Yonge

Highway 401 near Allen

Toronto - 401 near Allen


Highway 401 west of Renforth (Near Toronto Pearson International Airport)

401 W of Renforth near Pearson

Highway 403 near Hurontario

Mississauga - 403 near Hurontario

QEW near Trafalgar

QEW near trafalgar

QEW near the Ford plant

QEW ford plant


QEW Niagara near the Skyway

QEW niagara near the Skyway


Highway 417 near Terry Fox Dr.

417 London near Terry Fox Dr


Highway 401 near Gardiners

401 Kingston near Gardiners

Highway 401 in Cousineau Tunnel East

401 in Cousineau Tunnel East Portal Kingston